Graaf - static sites generator

Why Graaf?

This project is named after Van de Graaf.

Why did you build it?

Recently I’ve built a number of sites backed by AWS API Gateway, and needed a way to build their static pages, but remain consistent with the templates and styles of the rest of the site.

How it works

  1. Put your source content in a directory. By default this is called pages.

  2. You create a target directory to generate the content in. By default this is called assets.

  3. Write templates for your content. By default these go in a directory called templates.

  4. You run graaf

    It will find every file in your source directory, and check if any of its configured Generators will work on it. If so, they will be invoked, and (typically) generate an output file.

  5. PROFIT!


The main configuration file is called graaf.yml and contains two main sections:


Here you can override any of three directories



This is a list of generator classes to use, in order.

Each item in the list is a map with at least the import name of a Generator class. It may also include arguments to pass to the Generator for configuration.

  - name: 'graaf.simple_md.SimpleMarkdown'
  - name: 'graaf.scss.SassGenerator'